Zipped Mouth Cotton Face Mask – Spiral


The Spiral ‘Zipped Mouth’ face mask.  See below for more information.

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Be compliant and stylish in this Spiral ‘Zipped Mouth’ face mask.  The print is shiny black teeth being zipped shut with a skull zipper.

They say that if you’ve nothing to say then you should just zip it. Well, the same goes for when you just want to keep your mouth covered. Rock a mask that looks like a PVC skull with a gaping set of metalli-teeth!

Premium Cotton Fashion Mask with Adjuster is made of 100% Cotton, with mixed fabric layer using reusable and washable fine cotton for comfortable wear.

Please note: these masks are not medical grade PPE (N95) and are not a replacement for surgical masks / PPE / filtering respirators in a highly hazardous situation. The decision to use a cotton mask is your own. Basically, if you’re looking after a COVID person or heading into a hospital, grab an N95 piece of kit or consult a medical professional.

We recommend you give your new mask a wash before your first use.

And remember, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, socially distance etc etc!

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Dimensions 18 × 15 × 5 cm


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