Perfume De La Mort 3D Handbag (Alchemy)


A black PVC handbag with silver edge trim and the Alchemy ‘Perfume De La Mort’ design.  See below for more information.

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Coming from the goth design team at Alchemy UK is their ‘Perfume De La Mort’ artwork.  My dodgy French (and Google translate) tells me that it means Perfume of Death – deliciously gothic!

This gorgeous bag is made from stiff PVC which means it holds its shape well.  It has an integrated handle and optional shoulder chain. The front flap, edged with silver filigree detailing,  folds over the whole bag making it super secure.    The main body of the bag has a zippered closure, inside – a zippered compartment and two pockets.

The central image is a studded heart, within that a woman with day of the dead makeup leaning in to smell a gothic rose. A raven sits on her shoulder, cawing.  The words ‘Perfume De La Mort’ are inscribed in swirling gothic script above the heart.  The image is rendered blacks and greys (no colours, so you’ll need to make your own mind up about the colour of the rose – I’m going with red myself).

  • Stiff PVC construction
  • 28cm x 15cm at the widest point
  • Removable shoulder chain and integrated handle

The design is from Alchemy UK and the bag is a World of 3D product.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 12 × 29 cm


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