Forever Yours 3D Backpack (Anne Stokes)


3D Anne Stokes ‘Forever Yours’ small backpack.  More information below.

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This gorgeous backpack comes from the unbridled imagination of Anne Stokes and features her ‘Forever Yours’ artwork.  The image panel is rendered in lenticular 3D.

The backpack has a zippered main compartment with a zippered pouch inside, and two zippered pouches on the outside (around 15cm tall) – perfect for organising your stuff!  There is a handle at the top and adjustable shoulder straps.

The front flap depicts a woman, clad in a white dress with a red rose in her hair, dancing with a skeleton clad in a flowing cape who looks upon her with love. He is rendered semi-translucent, almost like she’s dancing alone with a memory. The overall feeling is of loss coupled with beautiful memory and longing. He’s still with her and caring, just not corporeal.

Its small size (although suprisingly spacious) makes it perfect for everyday use.

  • Made from PU (vegan) leather
  • Main 34cm x 28cm x 14cm

This is a World of 3D product.

Additional information

Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm


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